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Started in 2011 in collaboration with the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA,, Turtlewatch Egypt was the first initiative aimed at involving divers and snorkelers in the Egyptian Red Sea in marine conservation research. By sharing their sightings and pictures of marine turtles, visitors to the Red Sea contributed to identify some important feeding and aggregation sites for these endangered animals, to better understand turtle movements and short term migrations, and to assess basic effects of human impact. In 2015 the data collection protocol was modified and tested until 2018 when we finally launched Turtlewatch Egypt 2.0, which consists of a simplified method to allow for more people to provide data in a much easier and straightforward way!
In 2022, TurtleWatch Egypt 2.0 established its own non-profit association: Marine Life Watch, registration number: 152763 – registered on 28/04/2022 in Milan, Italy.


Turtlewatch Egypt aims at collecting important data on marine turtles in their feeding and nesting grounds with the help and support of divers, snorkelers and visitors.
The collected information will be used to
1) increase our knowledge of endangered marine turtles in the Red Sea and
2) improve the conservation and protection of these fascinating creatures locally and regionally.


Our team is also organizing training sessions addressed to dive centre staff: boat captains, guides, instructors and managers will have the chance to learn further information on Red Sea marine turtles, how to take part in the project, how to involve their guests and how to help protect marine creatures.

We also run activities open to young turtle lovers in collaboration with local NGOs, schools, educators and volunteers. Kids are introduced to the marine turtle world through short lessons and games!

In collaboration with tour operators and dive centres, we also organize “turtle days” addressed to tourists interested in participating in the project and in knowing more about Red Sea marine turtles.

For more information about our activities, please contact us –

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